TransAfrican Fibre Services is an independent fibre optical services company servicing the fibre industry in South Africa and the African continent. We dedicate our skills and resources to providing our customers with complete fibre optical solutions, with a special focus on training and quality control. Our services have taken us from the Sahara Desert to the Atlantic Ocean.

As the telecommunications industry has grown and changed over the years, TransAfrican Fibre Services has moulded its services around the changing times and adapted its business to suit the changing needs of our customers. TransAfrican Fibre Services has also recognised the growing demand for fibre skills and services in the African market. Although working on-site in Africa can be challenging at times, TransAfrican Fibre Services has always found a way to deliver on time and to clients’ specifications. Despite the associated challenges of the single-mode market, TransAfrican Fibre Services has a firm foothold in this market and has completed many projects with great success to date.

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